Savoy Educational Trust Fund

This fund has been created to support young people (aged 18-30) in the hospitality sector. The grants are aimed at individuals who are committed to a long-term career in the UK hospitality industry to enable them to develop appropriate skills to thrive in this exciting sector.

If you are working in the industry and a grant could give you the boost you need to gain a qualification, fund crucial equipment for your learning, or advance your hospitality skills to the next level, the Savoy Educational Trust Fund may be for you. Applications that clearly explain how a grant will aid your success in the industry are most likely to be successful.

Grants available: From £250 – £1,000

Who can apply?

Individuals aged 18-30 who are:

  • resident in the Buckinghamshire administrative county area (excluding Milton Keynes)
  • studying or working in the Buckinghamshire administrative county area (excluding Milton Keynes)
  • working or studying in the hospitality sector
  • wishing to develop new skills that will help further their career in hospitality



The funders, Savoy Educational Trust and Heart of Bucks, are committed to the principles of equity, so the priority for this fund is to support those with less advantage or limited resources, who may not be able to generate funding from other sources. However, all applicants are welcome.

What can I apply for?
Funding is available to support a broad range of costs, providing that you can demonstrate how the expenditure will support the growth of your career or studies. Examples could include;

  • A recognised short course or training programme which will provide you with skills relevant to the hospitality industry
  • Support for travel and/or accommodation to enable you to undertake a short work experience programme or placement
  • Training to use specialised equipment or to learn specific technical skills relevant to hospitality/your career
  • Costs of essential/specialised equipment/clothing necessary for your hospitality work/studies
  • Support for costs associated with entering a competition that will enhance your CV/further your career
  • Training courses that can take your hospitality career to the next stage/level and cannot be funded by your employer/organisation
  • Refurbished technology or equipment related to your learning/training (as long as need can be demonstrated)


What can’t be funded?

  • Salaries or wage costs
  • Course fees for full-time university/college courses
  • Activities promoting a particular religious or political belief
  • Projects/costs/courses which are already completed/paid for
  • Any activity which is a statutory responsibility of your employer


What will I need to make my application?

  • Photographic proof of identity (Driving license, Passport, citizenship card etc)
  • Relevant proof relating to application (quotes, invoices etc)
  • Proof of employment or place of study if applicable
  • Proof of accommodation or travel costs
  • Information/proof of personal circumstances?
  • Information of how you propose to use the grant and how it will benefit you in your career


Why do you ask for information about my personal circumstances?

We know it can be difficult answering questions about your personal circumstances openly, especially those about your school/work history and any disadvantages you may have needed to overcome. But we ask them because we are aiming to empower those whose start in life has been less advantaged. We support the principle of equity of opportunity and recognise that each person has different circumstances, so it is important that we tailor the resources and opportunities provided, to reach an equal outcome for all. By asking these questions, we can ensure the funding goes to those who are less likely to be able to get support from other sources.

We and the funders (Savoy Educational Trust) will always take good care of your personal information and will hold it securely so it cannot be accessed by anyone outside of this programme without your consent.


How do I apply?
Complete the application form here. You can save the form as you go and return at a later time if you need to. You will also need to email your supporting documents to


What happens next?
Your application will be reviewed by Heart of Bucks Grants Team, and we will ask you for clarification of anything we are not clear about.

Thereafter your application and contact details will be shared with the funders at Savoy Educational Trust who will look at your application and make a decision. They may also contact you to ask questions if they need to.

You will usually receive a decision within six to eight weeks of submitting the application.

If the funders do not feel able to award a grant, they will explain why and may give you some feedback on how to improve your case.

If a grant is agreed, it will be paid to your chosen bank account by Heart of Bucks and confirmation of grant receipt will be required.

You will usually be expected to have fully spent the grant within 12-months of the award and you will be asked to provide an end of grant report, with details about how you have spent the award, and what you have achieved. Please ensure you keep all relevant receipts for expenditure as these will be required as part of your end of grant report.


Further useful sources of information
If you are looking to find out more about career options, free training courses or job opportunities in the hospitality sector you can find more information here.

If you work in the industry and suffering hardship or issues with your mental wellbeing you may find Hospitality Action a useful source of help and advice. 


About the Savoy Educational Trust

The Savoy Educational Trust is an independent grant giving charitable trust whose main aim is the advancement and development of education, training and qualifications for the benefit the UK hospitality industry. They award grants to educational establishments, charitable and not-for-profit organisations and relevant industry associations. For clarity, they are not part of the Savoy Hotel, London.

PLEASE NOTE: Savoy Educational Trust cannot accept direct applications from individuals. If you wish to apply for a grant you will need to do so via the Young Futures Fund as detailed above.