Our Board

Tom Shimony

I'm excited to join the Young Futures Board. Having been the chairman and a member of the County Council Youth Committee, I have a keen interest in the current problems and future solutions for the young people of Buckinghamshire. Outside of this, I am a fervent follower of F1, an avid traveller, and I enjoy any hobby involving painting and modelling, as well as reading when I find the time.

Louis White
(Vice Chair)

My focus is on supporting initiatives that will empower young people with practical skills and knowledge, helping them make informed choices in life. I look forward to shaping a diverse range of social projects, and giving back to my hometown community. I’m quite an active person and enjoy bouldering, hiking and gym sessions. Beyond that, I’m a food enthusiast and enjoy casual gaming. I'm excited for the opportunity to make a positive impact where I grew up!

Anya Forbes-Phyall

I joined the Young Futures Board because I am passionate about supporting young people in Buckinghamshire. My experience has allowed me to work across both special educational needs and disabilities and Mainstream Schools. Currently, I work as Project Officer for Leap, Active Partnership for Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. Within my role as board member, I am keen to work as a team to explore all avenues to ensure each child can thrive and succeed.

Peter Ashiagbor

I am a dedicated Accounting and Finance student at Buckinghamshire New University. Alongside my academic pursuits, I am passionate about fitness, indulge in chess matches, and am currently honing my tennis skills. Joining the Young Futures Board is an immense honour, providing a valuable opportunity to cultivate my finance skills and decision-making abilities right from the outset of my career. I aim to contribute to the board's mission of supporting charities that play a crucial role in bettering the lives of the people in Buckinghamshire.

Sharleene Richards

I joined Young Futures to represent what’s needed for our young people in Buckinghamshire. I believe not only in equal opportunity but abundant opportunity for all. I hope all development projects lead to great opportunities for the youth of Bucks and a bright future for Buckinghamshire. The Youth of today are the innovators of tomorrow, they just need the right environment to grow.

Lauren Wylie

Having lived and grown up in Buckinghamshire, I am excited to have the opportunity to help empower young people across the county and ensure that they have access to a range of activities and services that will be meaningful for them.

I’ve always had an interest in theatre and music but in my free time, I’ve recently taken
up a bread baking course.

Pippa Hiles

I enjoy football, walking, reading and all things dinosaur-related. I'm autistic and have functional tics which has made me passionate about making the world a better place for disabled people and those with special educational needs (SEND). Currently, I volunteer with Talkback, Youth Voice Bucks and Shout Out for SEND. I’m looking forward to working on the board to make things better for other young people in Buckinghamshire.

James Washbourne

I wanted to join the Young Futures board because I believe it is vital to support the youth of today as it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify opportunities for employment. There is a direct correlation between employment and mental health, it is crucial we provide financial support for young people with fewer opportunities with the hope that this will contribute to improved mental wellbeing.

Hasan Arif

I currently work at Just Eat as a sales manager and am really into sports. I love watching and playing cricket in the summer as well as football in the winter. I also have a love for travelling.
I’m really excited to join the Young Futures board as I’m eager to make a difference in my community with a particular focus on the younger generations.

madhulika ipe

My main motivation for joining the Young Futures board is to offer my own personal insight on topical issues affecting young people and actively bringing about change through project funding. I am a member of many community social action groups and believe this experience will help me to focus on implementing changes on a larger scale. I also hope to engage in lively discussions and debates with likeminded individuals who can offer new perspectives on youth-related topics.

Zara Karam

I am currently a year 12 student. I hold an extreme passion for charitable work. I have volunteered with organisations such as British Heart Foundation and developed fundamental skills to aid the community I live in. I am enthusiastic about using my skills and knowledge to help make important decisions with the Young Futures Fund. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and reading!

Tiyanna Noel

I am really passionate about helping support young people across Buckinghamshire and helping to shape a next generation. Young people are the future and I would love to assist with providing opportunities for them to thrive and progress.