Succeed Award

Are you a driven individual with aspirations for higher education or vocational training? Are you looking for support to fuel your academic or career journey? Look no further – the Succeed award can help you achieve your goals!

About the Award:

The Succeed award is a bursary programme designed to assist young individuals in our local community in pursuing apprenticeships, vocational courses or higher education. Each successful applicant will receive an unrestricted bursary of £1,000 to support their studies or training.

Who Can Apply:

To be eligible for the ‘Succeed‘ award, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

Age:  Be aged between 18 and 30 (at date of application)

Local Connection: Applicants must have a strong connection to Buckinghamshire (excluding Milton Keynes), demonstrated by either:

  • Residency: Being a resident of the local area for at least five out of the last seven years. Or,
  • Employment/Education: Having worked or studied in the local area for at least four out of the last five years.

If you currently live or study outside of Buckinghamshire, you need to evidence that you have been employed, or enrolled at an educational institution/training provider, within Buckinghamshire for four of the last five years.

Course/Training Level:

  • Applicants must be in at least the second year of higher education, vocational course, study, or training programme. 
  • Apprentices with a minimum of one year of experience in their role.

Commitment and Future Plans:

Awards of £1,000 will be granted to applicants who can best demonstrate a strong commitment to their existing studies or training, a track record of previous achievement, and clear future plans aligned with their educational or career aspirations.

How to Prepare:

Before the funding programme opens, potential applicants are encouraged to:

  • Gather documentation demonstrating that you are in your second or later year of study or training, for example, a letter from your admissions office, training administrator, or workplace.
  • Reflect on your academic or career journey to date, highlighting achievements, experiences, and future goals.
  • Gather photographic identification such as a valid passport or drivers license, student card or immigration card.

You will need to email these to

How to apply:

Complete this application form.